Sometime in late 2021, my neglected beloved website was unscrupulously stricken from the face of the internet by my very dodgy, cut-rate [former] web hosting service. Amazingly, I didn’t notice for almost a year. In my defense, I was busy – I was planning my wedding, getting married, finishing up my Ph.D., looking high and low for exciting Ph.D.-type jobs, and occasionally finding time to breathe. Well, after a year of major life milestones, I am happily settled in the greater Boston area (which, let’s be honest, is in almost every measurable way an enormous improvement over Indiana) and I have finally found the time/willpower/minimal required knowledge of WordPress to painstakingly reconstruct my website by archaeologically examining archived versions hidden on far-flung corners of the interwebs. And… (drumroll please)… here it is!

Now that I am in the post-grad school phase of my life, I have lots more time and willpower to dedicate to things like hobbies, creative pursuits, and relaxing without the ever-present pressure of academic expectation over my head. It is my hope that I will be able to finally deliver on my oft-repeated promise of periodically updating the website with hopefully interesting content, which will ideally be a mix of personal adventures, hot takes on science and engineering, and who knows what else. Stay tuned!

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