Greetings, and welcome to my home on the internet! This website is a space for me to share the things which matter most to me – namely, my research, flying, obscure space & aviation history, and and general adventuring. Before you launch back into the wild blue yonder, please feel free to have a gander and learn about me and some of my work.

About me:

I am an engineer, an aviator, and above all else, a hopeless nerd – more than anything, I’m driven by my occasionally-obsessive thirst for knowledge and my insatiable love of flight and adventure.

A proud alumnus of Lehigh University’s Deparment of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics (B.S.) and Purdue University’s School of Aeronautics and Astronautics (M.S., Ph.D.), I work at the fascinating nexus of science, technology, and policy known as hypersonic flight. It’s an exciting time to be an aerospace engineer and I am always happy to talk about my work when I can – my  interests include high-speed aerodynamics, vehicle concept development, computational mechanics, and propulsion systems. Outside of work, I enjoy flying vintage aircraft, playing classical piano, baking elaborate concoctions, and seeing the world, one adventure at a time.



In case you have some time to waste...

Back from the dead

Sometime in late 2021, my neglected beloved website was unscrupulously stricken from the face of the internet by my very dodgy, cut-rate [former] web hosting service. Amazingly, I didn’t notice for almost a year. In Read more…

Three Minute Thesis

This spring, I elected to participate in Purdue’s Three Minute Thesis competition. The Three Minute Thesis concept originated in Australia, but competitions are held around the world; as someone who places immense value on effective Read more…